Old Gits Having Fun TDM HC [B3]
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Old Gits Having Fun HC TDM Weak Chopper [B3]
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  • Embalmer replied in forum topic Arma 3 wont launch

    Sorted arma 3 doesn't start if fraps is running :lol:

  • excalibur304
    8 hours 42 minutes ago

    thxs guys for making me welcome in the clan when I joined , I have spoke to a lot of you guys on ts and think highly of the members , I have now removed the tags and hope the admins will do the rest. im not happy about doing this but I said my piece on ts I don't play with a cheat or want to be part of a clan who have them...
    I have mentioned about this player a few times and after what I watched tonight , well that was enough for me!!!! so take care guys and I might see you on the battlefield at some point

    no-shot-jam Don't go m8. Maybe leave it a couple of days & hopefully reconsider?
    5 hours 34 minutes ago
  • NostromoUK created a new forum topic MW3 spec ops challenge

    team of 2 playing survival mode on Restistance challenge is beat myself and Expendable ----- level 30

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Hi

    Hi and welcome Embalmer m8 :)

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Hello Guys

    Hi and welcome Floppywaffle1 m8 :)

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Hi

    Welcome to the forums m8 ;)

  • Dwarfer

    DoomZ !!! www.pcgamer.com/2014/09/18/doomz-brings-dayz-survival-to-the-doom-engine/

    5parky lol
  • UNTER replied in forum topic 3IRDY

    now i play with rules no clays no camp in spawn i move but i see then some players are over the rules today i was 17 time spawnkill durind a round lol

  • Embalmer created a new forum topic Arma 3 wont launch

    Anyone have similar problem cant get arma 3 to launch tried usual pish uninstall reinstall etc. any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Embalmer created a new forum topic Hi

    Hello :D its Dodgy Embalmer from the epoch/overwatch server.

  • dazza123000 replied in forum topic Hello Guys

    welcome to the mad house :lol:

  • NostromoUK
    2 days ago

    New post in Clan section please review

    NostromoUK thank you Dwarfer for putting me straight
  • IceTiger146 is friends with Miss.Blondie
  • haggis is friends with Miss.Blondie
  • Schleimkeim1 replied in forum topic Hello Guys

    welcome to the forums m8. good to see another 2 players have joined us on chernarus :D

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Hello Guys

    Welcome to the Forums Floppy :lol:

  • Tass
    2 days ago

    b3 commands are now working, thank you.

  • Tass
    2 days ago

    Also it is the same on COD4 TDM weak chopper. Commands not working, says not admins online

  • Tass
    2 days ago

    Can some one reset b3 on COD4 ffa weak chopper. It is not recognizing admins and cannot use any commands

  • Floppywaffle1 uploaded a new avatar.
  • Floppywaffle1 replied in forum topic DayZ crew

    Awsome server guys , me and my long time bud Hybrid love it .. this server is our home now .. big shout going out to Trooper your a superstar m8 8-)

  • Floppywaffle1 created a new forum topic Hello Guys

    Just Thought id regester and say hello , ohh and Trooper man love is real :P

  • Floppywaffle1
    2 days ago

    Man Utd: De Gea; Jones, Smalling, Blackett; Lingard, Fletcher, Herrera, Young; Mata; Rooney (c), Hernandez

  • no-shot-jam replied in forum topic Rebuilding my old PC

    Thank you my Right Honourable and much Learned friend for the sum paid for royalties! I have two SSD's, 1 is 500Gb & the 2nd is a 260Gb and Vanny is correct, they do fill up quite quickly. The 260 one...

  • chrisboots
    2 days ago

    monday ill that s bad lol

    knownix tsss ... poor boy
    2 days ago
  • vanhelsing59 replied in forum topic Rebuilding my old PC

    I agree with my learned colleague Mr No-Shot, the bigger the better for the SSD. Problem is , you run into higher prices. I have a 256mb SSD and a 1TB raptor drive. Works well for me but you can still...

  • Toosh
    3 days ago

    Could I have a TS invite pls

    no-shot-jam Oi, I resemble that remark. After the compliment I just paid you too! I don't know, Kids!
    2 days ago
    3 days ago

    hi every one

  • Redskills replied in forum topic whistleblower

    Thanks Nostromo, that was very helpfull. Now i can take demo's of people who come and try to ruïn other peolple's gamefun. Laters Robby.

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Selfie

    You mean... "GOAT!" ? :lol: :lol:

  • chrisboots
    3 days ago


  • no-shot-jam has liked Toosh's Profile

  • no-shot-jam replied in forum topic Rebuilding my old PC

    Quote Simple answer mate,........more or bigger SSD's. just the job. :D

  • DirectDebit uploaded a new avatar.
  • CBeck113 replied in forum topic Rebuilding my old PC

    Back from vacation which is bad, but the PC was waiting for me. So, at the moment it is running very nicely. My son ordered a completely new PC (i5 4690K, 16GB PC1866 RAM, GTX970, 250GB SSD, etc.), so...

  • haggis replied in forum topic Selfie

    . "GIT" !

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic whistleblower

    Redskills thanks for the heads-up if possible please record a demo of suspected people in zip it up and we will look at it

  • vanhelsing59
    4 days ago

    Crystal Palace today. Should be a sterner test for us than last week.

  • Redskills created a new forum topic whistleblower

    Is there a page or an item where one can blow the whistle on cheaters and hackers? I would like to name one or two people whome i believe to be cheating. One of them was on TDM Cod4 today, by the names...

  • Trooper replied in forum topic New PLayer

    welcome hybrid....love the avatar wording...lol

  • robbyy
    4 days ago

    Morning all from cloudy robbyyland

  • robbyy replied in forum topic New PLayer

    Hi and welcome HybridHunter m8 :)

  • 5parky replied in forum topic New PLayer

    Fresh meat, Welcome to the forums. See you other post for TS & clan info ;)

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Finally installed it

    Decent game that we play occasionally ;)

  • 5parky replied in forum topic DayZ crew

    We run servers for a few games just have a look around the web site, Get to know the gits on the server you play on. If you get on well with them you may get an invite to join TS without being a member,...

  • Schleimkeim1 replied in forum topic Finally installed it

    yes waiting to free up a little dosh. had my eyes on it for a while now...good question, is it worth it buying for the multiplayer part only?

  • Al Capwn created a new forum topic Vihon wall hacking on weakened chopper server - demo incl

    Vihon wall hacking on weakened chopper server. approx. 22:00 26th sept, overgrown map. demo here: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=ga5de2049e659997c999561609eed75fe155db1cc5 ..... Steven.

  • HybridHunter uploaded a new avatar.
  • HybridHunter uploaded a new avatar.
  • HybridHunter replied in forum topic DayZ crew

    Hi guys was on last night with my friend FloppyWaffle and were both really enjoyed playin on this server very warm welcome lots of help for new starters. I wondered what the score is with Joining OGHF...

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The PlayStation 4-exclusive racer Driveclub from Evolution Studios is on track to launch this Tuesday, October 7 and the developers have got a brand new “All Action” trailer to show you. The game’s PlayStation Plus edition is now available to pre-download on your PS4. You’ll find by visiting the game’s page on the PlayStation Store. You can also […] The post Driveclub Launches Next Week, Check Out The Latest “All Action” Trailer appeared first on MP1st.
2K’s latest gameplay video for Cid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth goes into great detail on all the things you need to know about before setting off on new worlds to expand mankind’s reach. The above video is split up into different sections, each covering a particular aspect of Fireaxis’ turn-based strategy game. You can refer to the time […] The post New Civilization: Beyond Earth Trailer Shows You How To Play appeared first on MP1st.
While only a selected few have been picked out, Sony has sent out a wave of closed Alpha invites to North American PlayStation 4 owners for their upcoming Souls spin-off game, Bloodborne. Be sure to check those emails for confirmation. Once you receive an invite, you’ll be prompted to log into your PS4 and begin […] The post Bloodborne Alpha Invites Being Sent Out, Starts Today appeared first on MP1st.
Real-time strategy game AirMech Arena is getting its own assassin mech, courtesy of publisher Ubisoft. The Xbox 360 game now features the Assassin's Creed-inspired Novi Aquilis Neo AirMech, a stealthy transforming mech that offers a glimpse at what a futuristic battle between the assassins and templars might look like. Joining the Novi Aquilis Neo AirMech, which can cloak itself in battle, is the templar's Abstergo Fortis Prototype saucer mech. The quadruped-saucer is "prized for its death ray and abduction capabilities." Players can also summon Assassin's Creed-themed pets — the Spirit Eagle, the Apple of Eden and the DNA Cube vial —...
Crazy Tax: City Rush, the first free-to-play game in the series, is adding an unexpected driver to its ranks: professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. As part of the "Hulk Takeover," players can hire "the immortal Hulk Hogan" to drive around town. The update includes a month of Hulk-related challenges and rewards, as well as special customizations and a new vehicle known as the Hulkster tank. Hulk Hogan has appeared in wrestling video games before, but City Rush marks the biggest, and probably strangest, departure from that genre. Hogan also provided the voice of Angel De La Muerte, a former luchador, in...
Back to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with MP1st on Xbox 360 We’re going back to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. One of our favorite Battlefield games of all time is now being offered to all Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360 for free between today, October 1, and Monday, October 15. So, with everyone on last-generation’s Xbox […] The post Back to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and #GlovesForTags With MP1st This Weekend appeared first on MP1st.
NBA 2K15 developer Visual Concepts revamped The Park, the online mode that debuted in NBA 2K14, and expanded it for this year's game into a battle for street basketball supremacy known as MyPark, publisher 2K Sports announced today. The Park allowed NBA 2K14 players to take their created stars from the MyCareer mode into an online playground, where they could duke it out in games with street basketball rules. In NBA 2K15's MyPark mode, players will ally themselves with one of three clubs, each of which offers its own slight attribute boosts depending on play style. The Old Town Flyers raise playmaking...
Marty O'Donnell, former Bungie employee and composer of the Halo games and Destiny, will join a documentary about video game music, according to a Kickstarter blog post from the producers of The Players' Score: A Video Game Music Documentary. The project took to Kickstarter this month to fund a feature-length documentary exploring video game music and its composers. Their initial lineup of interviews includes the composers of games like Journey, Mega Man and Super Meat Boy. Since launching, they've added the following composers and sound designers: Jimmy Hinson aka Big Giant Circles (Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 2, Threes!) Darren Korb (Bastion, Transistor) Marty...
In the middle of releasing Worlds of Magic on Steam Early Access, fixing bugs and trying to promote the game, Leszek Lisowski of independent studio Wastelands Interactive did what most indie developers do when trying to get some publicity: gave out Steam codes. Lots of Steam codes. Many of those codes, it turns out, went to resellers. In a blog post at Gamasutra, Lisowski details the problem. They sent codes to everyone who asked, and event sent some people two or three codes. There was no verification that these people worked in the media, nor did they follow up after...
Ms. Pac-Man is joining the fight against breast cancer. For the month of October, Bandai Namco mobile games will offer an extra pink maze to its Pac-Man mobile games, costing $0.99. All proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. "Awareness and early diagnosis are critical in the fight against breast cancer," said James Kucera, head of mobile at Bandai Namco. The Ms. Pac-Man Pink Ribbon Campaign will include special themes and ribbons and the extra maze on the likes of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Pac-Man Lite on iOS and Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man + Tournaments on Android. "While video games...
As promised, developer Bungie has a deployed a brand new Destiny patch on all platforms today that aims to improve the game’s often frustrating loot system. The new update will removes the chance for Engrams to produce items that are of a lesser rarity and adds Rare and Legendary Engram drops to the various Strike […] The post Destiny’s Update 1.0.2 Is Now Live – Here Are The Patch Notes appeared first on MP1st.
Electronic Arts and Maxis are adding new content to The Sims 4 in a series of free patches that will bring features like swimming pools and careers to the life simulation game by the end of the year. In an update to The Sims 4 hitting today, EA is adding ghosts, gnomes, eye color options and a batch of Star Wars-themed costumes, according to a report from Sims VIP. On the official Sims site, the developer details how ghosts work. When a sim dies, non-player character ghosts become attached to tombstones or urns. Players can then befriend the ghosts, turning them into...
Following much brouhaha, Bungie today rolled out its promise to fix Destiny's loot system with its Update 1.0.2. The company has posted detailed notes on the fix on its website. The bottom line is that a Legendary Purple Engram will now always yield a valuable Legendary quality item or higher. Previously, players were often disappointed to find engrams converted into useless low-level items, an issue that has produced much criticism and debate about Destiny's overall loot system. The accidental appearance of loot caves in the game, in which players could easily collect large stashes of loot, became something of an online sensation in the...
Skullgirls Encore's release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is being pushed into 2015 to accommodate for additional features, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog Europe. The port is "still coming," but the game has been expanded "with the aim of making it a better upgrade for fans and a better value for everyone." The post also details the recent release of Eliza, a "diva with a dark secret," and upcoming character Beowulf. Eliza includes a story mode that Lab Zero calls its most comprehensive yet, and the character will be free to players for a three-month period. Beowulf, meanwhile,...
Opening day's in one week, hockey fans, and EA Sports is here to save you a whole bunch of time by simulating the upcoming season in NHL 15 and telling you who wins the Stanley Cup. That'll be the Los Angeles Kings, again, subduing odds-on favorite Chicago 4-3 in the Western Conference Finals before dispatching Boston 4-2 in the Stanley Cup Final. According to this simulation, the Eastern Conference won't be much different from the 2013-2014 season; seven of last year's eight playoff teams return, with the Maple Leafs joining the party at Detroit's expense. Columbus, the seventh-place finisher in...
Sony is now offering PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 3 the opportunity to take DICE’s first-person military shooter Battlefield 4 for a free 168-hour test run. You can grab the free trial now on the PlayStation Store and get access to the entire game for the duration, including all multiplayer and single player content. You may […] The post Battlefield 4 Gets Free 168-Hour Trial on PlayStation 3 For Plus Members appeared first on MP1st.
Sledgehammer Games is bringing customization to the next level in Advanced Warfare. With nine different customization slots, you’ll be able to deck out your Operator in some pretty sweet gear that you’ll unlock through ranking up and through Advanced Warfare’s supply drops. Items range in rarity from Enlisted to Elite, though some of the coolest items will […] The post Check Out Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Highest-Level Unlocks appeared first on MP1st.
Battlefield 4‘s most significant game update yet is now beginning to roll out on all platforms. Origin users on PC are reporting that notifications to download the patch — 1.16 GB is size — are now popping up. Though size may vary from platform to platform, the update is also on course to hit Xbox One, […] The post Battlefield 4′s Biggest Game Update Is Here, Now Rolling Out on PC and Other Platforms appeared first on MP1st.
Seven game modes in total will ship with Visceral Games’ Battlefield Hardline when it launches this Spring, five of which are never-before-seen in the Battlefield franchise. Visceral General Manager Steve Papoutsis confirmed the numbers in a recent interview with Battlefield 4 YouTube personality, JackFrags, where he also stated that nine multiplayer maps will be available […] The post Visceral GM Confirms No Rush In Battlefield Hardline – 9 Maps and 7 Game Modes At Launch appeared first on MP1st.
Earlier this week, a bug found in Destiny’s world map revealed placeholder text and icons for future content coming to Bungie’s just-released shared-world shooter. Since the discovery, the studio fell under fierce accusations that previously completed content was purposely cut from the game in order to sell as DLC at a later date for an extra cost. […] The post Bungie Responds to DLC Controversy, Says Expansions Aren’t Finished Yet, Despite Leaks appeared first on MP1st.