Old Gits Having Fun TDM HC [B3]
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Old Gits Having Fun HC TDM Weak Chopper [B3]
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OGHF#1 [B3] 48 | Hardcore Conquest | Sniper Limit | Votemap
Nansha strike
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[OGHF]Zombieland Overpoch Lingor 1.5 (|GMT​|NPC|​
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  • chrisboots
    1 hour 55 minutes ago

    and i am ill lol beer or gin hmmmm or bad food got 2 be food

  • chrisboots
    1 hour 58 minutes ago

    chrisboots Do you think that's fare then ? as a admin i thought our job was to keep the server full and try to keep the hackers off it the bot is too sensitive and has made our job harder and harder as i have said in the past let the admin sort the spwan killing out we warned them 3 times and give them a 2 week holiday as i see it get rid off the air striks and put us down to 1 granade LET ADMIN TRY TO DO it i am sorry if not everybody agrees BOOTS

  • no-shot-jam replied in forum topic 2 things

    I stated what Flatty had said in the past. Well said that man, 5parks. Not to poke my nose in too far, but it has always been (since I became an Admin) that us Admins NEVER clear any warnings/kicks...

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic BB

    After making multiple donations to the servers amounting to over $100 USD a "thank you" would have been nice. must have mis-read this part :) sorry to see a member hand his Tags in always a...

  • BAIT replied in forum topic BB

    NostromoUK, I knew however I said that it would sound like I was whining about not getting a thank you for donating. I gave because I play a lot on the server. That's my main reason for giving. I guess...

  • CRF450 replied in forum topic Welshfusion no recoil?

    Ok, thanks for taking the time to have a look and perhaps offer explanation as to why it is how it is. If you guys are happy then so am I... :D

  • 5parky replied in forum topic 2 things

    I stated what Flatty had said in the past.

  • Trooper is friends with hegonom
  • hegonom replied in forum topic Please Unbann me.

    What the old Git does not know, that he does not eat. ;) For me the controller works very well in the air.

  • TubeSlayer
    11 hours 41 minutes ago

    Hasn't rained all day and I go for 10 minutes to walk the dog and get soaked.... &^%*^

  • TubeSlayer replied in forum topic 2 things

    I dont warn clear !wc I warn remove !wr. That only clears the last warning as you know. We remove (or used too ) we remove all the air raid warnings we see from everybody. But if we miss one and they don;t...

  • Schleimkeim1 uploaded a new Profile cover

    11 hours 48 minutes ago

  • Schleimkeim1 uploaded a new Profile cover

    11 hours 49 minutes ago

  • Schleimkeim1
    12 hours 1 minute ago

    can i get an TS invite again pls? doesnt work anymore after the HD wipe

  • haggis replied in forum topic 2 things

    Yes but what about the poor buggers that don't get them cleared ..... Do you think that's fare then ?

  • knownix replied in forum topic 2 things

    Wow, after a week of illness I have to read that here, and to be straight forward - I think its a rubbish discussion ! Nearly all admins (including me) have cleared warnings on the COD4 FFA or TDM servers...

  • TubeSlayer replied in forum topic 2 things

    Have to say though 5parky and Haggis. I understand what you say about the B3 bot Sparks and about the warning clearing Haggis.. BUT !!! the FFA cod 4 server is nothing like any other server. It absolutely...

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic BB

    Bye Bait i for one have never seen you on TS Also do think Donations are clan members choice and i really don't think that people donate to thanked for it ?

  • dazza123000 replied in forum topic Please Unbann me.

    keyboard n mouse all the way, crapbox controller on pc...... lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • chrisboots
    16 hours 32 minutes ago

    Al Capwn this is not a job . if i can not play as a admin then i do not whant 2 be a admin. i do this 2 help

  • BAIT replied in forum topic BB

    Oh I'll still be playing, just as an independent. Maybe it's my American blood ;)

  • Warsphinkter replied in forum topic BB

    Really sad news Baity baby, won't be the same without you picking me off with ya Betty's and what not sorry to see you go matey thanks for all the laugh fella! ;) 8-)

  • BAIT created a new forum topic BB

    Please close my clan account. I have decided to go back to freelance. It's not like I was in the clan really anyway. After making multiple donations to the servers amounting to over $100 USD a "thank you"...

  • Sierra replied in forum topic Please Unbann me.

    you youngsters now a day, leave you funbox controllers in the living room and play the game with the good old mouse and keyboard. good thig battleeye keeps these rugrats in line :-)

  • Trooper replied in forum topic Please Unbann me.

    your temp ban removed from the logs hegonom........dont use your x box controller...battle eye seems to not like....ha ha ha..

  • hegonom created a new forum topic Please Unbann me.

    I was in front of about an Hour banned on Server Zombieland Overpoch Bambi PVE|AIMissions( ( This Happend: I bought an Merlin at NEAF get in and then i activated...

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Champions League Football /Wednesday/

    Happy now? :lol: :lol: :lol: Sorry m8,couldnt resist :oops:

  • hegonom created a new forum topic Unbann me Please!

    I was in front of about half an hour banned on Server Zombieland Overpoch Bambi PVE|AIMissions( ( This Happend: I bought an Merlin at NEAF get in and then i activated...

  • TubeSlayer
    23 hours 32 minutes ago

    Good morning...

  • Schleimkeim1 replied in forum topic Arma2 OA steam problems..

    @nostromo the game is highly addictive. mixture of good company/buggy game/lots of suspense and of course..HELICOPTERS make for a great evening.i promise you you will curse loud alot, you will hate the...

  • TubeSlayer replied in forum topic 2 things

    All AIr raid Sk's for everyone I was talking about. But fine, now its clear and all know, which was the point of the question.. ;)

  • Mobilemick replied in forum topic TS3 HAS NO PASSWORDS

    Can i have a TS invite please :)

  • haggis replied in forum topic 2 things

    As far as I'm concerned other server players can't get rid of the warnings for air strikes ....so why should an admin be able to do it and clear there friends ...to me that is unfare so if it's good enough...

  • Mobilemick replied in forum topic Hello everyone (again)

    just looked in my steam libary and i do own World at War, in fact i have 43 hours playing time :) :) Think i`m on the right forum :shock:

  • TubeSlayer replied in forum topic 2 things

    Well Mr Vice presidenti Haggis :D :D , thanks for answering that, that seems pretty clear to me. Can I ask, does that include airstrikes. Im guessing it does. If it does, sobeit, but I think that will...

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic Arma2 OA steam problems..

    thanks Dwarfer will have a look

  • haggis

    FINALLY ...... Got Waw Back to normal ...."NOW" .....It's time to go shot the goat again !!

    17 hours 59 minutes ago 1
  • Dwarfer replied in forum topic Arma2 OA steam problems..

    Hi Nostro, DayZ is two things. Wither DayZSA (stand alone) or DayZMod.. The Mod was the original version and then the SA has been spawned off to a separate commercial game. as it stands the SA is...

  • haggis replied in forum topic 2 things

    We have had this prob before about admins removing friends and there own warnings .....IF I SEE ANY ADMIN REMOVING ANYONES WARNINGS OR THERE OWN I WILL TAKE THE ADMINS ADMIN OF THEM SO LOOK OUT I'M ON...

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic Arma2 OA steam problems..

    Hi guys see you peeps playing this a lot im really interested in installing this DayZ thing please explain to me what exactly do i need to d/load and install

  • 5parky replied in forum topic 2 things

    Here is my take on being an admin. The actions of the admin should be the last resort to any issues, The bot should do the work so that the admin can play freely. Cheers Sparx

  • WillGuest created a new forum topic Champions League Football /Wednesday/

    Will anybody be watching any of tonights champions league football ? Sh*t load of decent matches on tonight. I know I'll be tuned in to the Liverpool v Real Madrid game biting my nails. YNWA

  • Al Capwn replied in forum topic 2 things

    If one is the only admin in the server, then one should, in my opinion, not play, and stay in spectate mode. Then one would get no warnings, and can admin the server more efficiently. ..... Steven. ...

  • chrisboots replied in forum topic 2 things

    it was me i stop on because i was only admin on so what do you want admin on or off BOOTS

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic Hello everyone (again)

    Hello MobileMick Don't really know you but as the guys said "Welcome Back" few of us still play Blops 2 Or Ghosts most nights And we dabble in other games Mw2,Mw3 what ever tickles our...

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Hello everyone (again)

    Welcome back ;)

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Hello everyone (again)

    Yes m8,still the best for me :)

  • Tass replied in forum topic 2 things

    The sensitivity was done because of a lot of complaints, sometimes I think it is a little too sensitive but so be it, that is the game play and I say keep it as it is. I will not remove any warnings...

  • TubeSlayer replied in forum topic 2 things

    Thank you 1982 and Steven for taking the time to post. All comments are welcome. The settings atm I think are ok. We were absolutely plagued by spawn campers and that had to stop, this helping stop it. As...

  • Al Capwn replied in forum topic 2 things

    I disagree about the sensitivity - I like it. I agree about admin removing their own warnings - It looks wrong. In fact, I don't think warnings should ever be removed. If a player doesn't wish to get...

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Various personalization bundles for Call of Duty: Ghosts are once again going on sale for what is likely the last time before many of you brush the game aside to make room in your disc tray (or hard drive) for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If customization is your thing and you’ve yet to pick up […] The post Get All Call of Duty: Ghosts Micro-DLC In One Bundle, Now On Sale On Xbox One appeared first on MP1st.
A new update is hitting Zero Point Software’s PC, Mac, and Linux shooter, Interstellar Marines, that will introduce three co-op and single player maps along with three new game modes. Update 14: Tactical Incursion follows last month’s NeuroGen Incident update, which added new co-op and story elements to the game. In this new update, now live, […] The post Interstellar Marines Update 14: Tactical Incursion Brings New Maps and Modes appeared first on MP1st.
Full-on 8-player battles are coming to the Wii U version of Nintendo’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. title. Nintendo confirmed the fact along with 49 others in an over half an hour-long “50-Fact Extravaganza” video. According to the new Nintendo Direct, 8-player battles will only available on the Wii U version of the game on only a select […] The post 8-Player Smash Coming To Super Smash Bros. On Wii U, New Character and Feature Reveals appeared first on MP1st.
Valve has made some spooky Halloween changes to its combat shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game famously features clucking chickens, mooching around and waiting to be shot, doing no harm. In the Halloween update, dead chickens are resurrected, in chilling green hues. Characters in the game have been given masks, taken from Payday 2 and Team Fortress 2. Also, fallen comrades inhabit the game as ghosts. On the subject of chickens, a Valve blog post noted that "for too long the chickens of CS:GO have idly watched as their brethren were slaughtered by the droves, and on All Hollow's Eve there...
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will allow for eight-player simultaneous play, Nintendo confirmed today. In a Nintendo Direct video (below) the company unveiled a host of features for the game. "In a major first for the franchise, a special mode lets eight players fight simultaneously in local multiplayer," stated the company. "This option appears only in the Wii U version, and lets players compete on even larger stages to accommodate all the characters." This option will only be available on "certain stages" and is not available online. Those larger stages were created in order to accommodate the larger numbers...
Research and empirical evidence shows that women who work in the games business are far more likely than men to receive harassment and online abuse. But what if you could create an A/B situation to test the reality of the abuse? Emily Greer, CEO of online gaming hub Kongregate has done just that, comparing the messages she has received since the company launched, with those her brother Jim has received. In a blog post today, she revealed comparative data based on messages she and Jim have received from consumers since they jointly launched Kongregate seven years ago. It turns out,...
Ubisoft today released Windows PC specs for its forthcoming French Revolution adventure Assassin's Creed Unity. In short, you're going to need a pretty good PC ... Assassin's Creed Unity, which is released on Nov. 11, is a visually demanding story of betrayal, combat and guillotines during the Terror. More frightening still, it demands 50 GB available space on your hard drive. Here are the specs as detailed on Ubisoft's website. 64-bit operating system required Supported OSWindows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1 (64bit versions only) ProcessorMinimumIntel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or AMD Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.0 GHz Recommended Intel Core...
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas publisher Rockstar Games is re-releasing the game in a high-definition port on Xbox 360 that will include Achievements, the publisher confirmed on its support site today. The port will be available Oct. 26 — 10 years to the day after San Andreas' debut. Today's announcement follows a leaked list of Achievements and the disappearance of the Xbox Originals version of the game from the Xbox Games Store on Xbox 360. GTA: San Andreas will be sold as a Games on Demand title on Xbox 360 for $14.99. According to Rockstar, the port will run in 720p with an...
Storied game developer 3D Realms, the company that brought us Duke Nukem and shareware, has popped up with a 32-game anthology collection, detailed in a preview video (above). Although the company closed its doors five years ago, the new 3D Realms includes some of the managers from the original outfit (aka Apogee Software, Ltd) such as Scott Miller. A company statement said that the firm is working on new developments, which will be announced in the future. The company is notorious for the 14-year development of Duke Nukem Forever, which was subsequently picked up by Gearbox, the focus for a subsequent lawsuit. The 3D...
Just under a dozen days until the game’s official launch and new details on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are beginning to leak, thanks to the emergence a few early copies of the game already out in the hands of players. CODForum user WhoIsDo appears to have gotten a hold of a hand-full of early […] The post Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leak Confirms Map Names, Scorestreaks, Weapons, and Hardcore Game Modes appeared first on MP1st.
Sony’s massive firmware update ‘Masamune’, originally slated for this Fall, has an official release date of October 28th. Last week, Playstaion’s Official Blog revealed specifics about what would be included. Users can expect to see oft requested features such as an official YouTube app and Themes in addition to Share Play, the much ballyhooed option from Sony […] The post PS4 Firmware 2.0 ‘Masamune’ Available October 28 appeared first on MP1st.
Former H-Hour: World’s Elite creative director David Sears has announced his official departure from SOF Studios earlier today. For ‘personal reasons’, Sears made the ‘hard decision’, leaving behind his vision and framework for remaining members of the SOF team to successfully deliver a true spiritual successor to the classic games H-Hour is built upon. SOF Programmer Kevin De […] The post H-Hour – David Sears Leaves SOF Studios, Departure ‘Won’t Jeopardize The Quality Of The Game’ appeared first on MP1st.
Polygon has received word today that NCSoft-owned Carbine Studios has laid off "around 60" employees. This is in addition to further layoffs across NCSoft's western operations. In a statement provided to Polygon by NCSoft, the layoffs were described as part of "a restructuring of key operations with [NCSoft] West." The publisher says it is devoted to its core massively multiplayer franchises — Aion, Wildstar, Lineage, and Guild Wars — but it also plans to expand into mobile and tablet products. According to the statement, there were "staff reductions" across all of NCSoft's western branches except for Guild Wars developer ArenaNet. A source...
Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment released Content Update 8 today, adding a new four-player co-op mode to the shooter along with a host of additional features, the studio announced on Twitter. Respawn noted that Content Update 8 is currently available only for the Windows PC and Xbox One versions of Titanfall. The Xbox 360 version will get it later because it is developed by Bluepoint Games, not in-house at Respawn. The free update, which Respawn announced yesterday in a Twitch livestream, is highlighted by the addition of a four-player co-op mode called Frontier Defense. Content Update 8 also marks the debut of Ranked Play, and...
If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Sure, Dark Souls 2 is tough and all, but what I really want is a way to trick it into believing it's a first-person shooter," then there's a mod just for you. The Dark Souls 2 first-person mod turns From Software's action role-playing game into … an FPRPG? As demonstrated by YouTube user Benzoin-Gum, it lets players freeze the camera in its zoomed state. There's a list of known issues with the mod, Benzoin-Gum admits, but the YouTuber believes the entire game should be playable. "simply freeze the camera zoom value, equip a bow/binoculars and...
Xbox Music users will no longer be able to stream music for free effective Dec. 1, according to Xbox Support. Microsoft currently offers ad-supported free streaming music and radio on the web and Windows 8 devices in 15 countries. Once December rolls around, users on those platforms will have to pay for an Xbox Music Pass, which costs $9.99 per month; Microsoft offers a 30-day trial. This has always been the case on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, where customers have been able to access a 15-song trial before being asked to subscribe. There's no specific explanation as to why Microsoft is discontinuing...
12 competitive multiplayer game modes are launching with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on day one (or day zero, technically), in addition to the recently unveiled co-operative wave-based mode, Exo Survival. On top of staple Call of Duty PvP modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed, the latest issue of Newsweek Magazine has recently […] The post List of Confirmed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Game Modes, Infected and Gun Game Return appeared first on MP1st.
Mark your calendars. The second weekend in November is going to be a big one for Halo fans. HaloFest arrives. On the eve of Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s launch, Microsoft and 343 Industries are taking over the Avalon Theater in Los Angeles to broadcast the first glimpse of the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta […] The post “HaloFest” Celebration and $50K ESL Halo Tournament to Precede The Master Chief Collection’s Launch appeared first on MP1st.
Titanfall‘s biggest game update yes is arriving on Xbox One and PC tomorrow, Xbox 360 at a later date. Game Update 8, as it’s known, introduces a brand new co-operative wave-based game mode called Frontier Defense. The four-player mode pits a squad of Pilots and Titans against waves of various AI enemy types that increase […] The post Titanfall Game Update 8 Arrives Tomorrow, Introduces ‘Frontier Defense’ Co-Op Horde Mode, Full Patch Notes appeared first on MP1st.
If you’ve already got a solid grasp on how to play a classic shooter like Halo 2, but are looking to get an edge on some of those really competitive players out there before it returns in Halo: The Master Chief Collection next month, knowing these glitchy but essential button combos are a must. As you may already know, The Master Chief Collection […] The post Learn Every Classic Halo 2 Button Glitch Before The Master Chief Collection Arrives appeared first on MP1st.