Old Gits Having Fun TDM HC [B3]
PLAYERS: 5 / 48
Old Gits Having Fun HC DM Weak Chopper [B3]
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
Old Gits Having Fun HC TDM Weak Chopper [B3]
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
OGHF#1 [B3] CONQ48 | Hardcore Killing | Adaptive Tks
Armored Shield
PLAYERS: 0 / 32
OGHF#1 [B3] 48 | Hardcore Conquest | Sniper Limit | Votemap
Nansha strike
PLAYERS: 0 / 48
[OGHF]Zombieland Overpoch Lingor 1.5 (|GMT​|NPC|​
PLAYERS: 0 / 26
[OGHF]Zombieland Overpoch Bambi PVE|AIMissions(1.0.5​.1/125548)G​
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  • robbyy
    38 minutes ago

    Hi and welcome back Trinity&daughter

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic Compaq pressario f700

    Thanks 5parky will PM him

  • NostromoUK
    9 hours 50 minutes ago

    Trinity you cant be the same Trin i know surely ?

  • Trinity uploaded a new Profile cover

    10 hours 7 minutes ago

  • Trinity uploaded a new avatar.
  • Trinity
    10 hours 13 minutes ago

    Hey everyone! I'm back and my daughter & I play in your server again - feeling excited

  • dazza123000 replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    oj3xo= is last 6

  • dazza123000 replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    pm'd you mate

  • Dwarfer replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    OK, STOP un installing and re installing eveytime you do this you make a new Unique ID and this is why when we give you new keys to try it fails.. Go to tools Identities and look under default for the...

  • dazza123000 replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    invalid privilige key, ive uninstalled and reinstalled but still doesnt work

  • dazza123000 replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    im using 64bit, tried uninstall and reinstall several times with no success, all i see is invalid privilige key everytime apart from one sparky sent me but it just went off and couldnt rejoin....

  • Dwarfer replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    What error are you seeing ? i see you have about 6 ID's so no idea what you have been doing ? do you keep trying to re install TS3 ??

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Compaq pressario f700

    Try a pm to Phillyf-UK he does something like that he may be able to give you a quote.

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic Compaq pressario f700

    Thanks PrettyPierre will have a look into it see if there's anyone near where i live that will have a look

  • 5parky replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    Are you using 64bit TS to match your system, You did manage to join with one of the keys I sent you so what went wrong ? I don't know what your problem is or what you are doing so you will have to be...

  • PrettyPierre replied in forum topic Compaq pressario f700

    Get a quote, but it shouldn't be too expensive. I had it done on my laptop good few years back, added about 2 more years to the machines life cycle. The thing is, I had it done in Poland so the price was...

  • dazza123000 replied in forum topic If you have to reinstall Widows or TS

    still no luck with getting on, another invite please

  • Toosh replied in forum topic Welshfusion no recoil?

    I spec'd this player about 10 ten times and can find nothing wrong. He reminds me of me in the way that he plays....runs and guns like a headless chicken :) His scatter seemed fine and wasnt hitting with...

  • IceTiger146 replied in forum topic Happy Belated Birthday Robby m8 (2 Days Ago...lol)

    OMG I am so sorry I didn't see this. Have been AFK for a while due to working. Happy bday m8. Hope you have a great one and 1000000s more to come. I hope you were spoiled and partied like you were 18 again....

  • robbyy

    Flaty,PM about applications for you
    Please sort it asap
    Cheers m8

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Welshfusion no recoil?

    Cheers for the info CRF m8, as sparky said we have a lot of discussions in the past about non-recoil in spectator mode,and we are pretty sure that there is a bug in spec mode(same as non moving sniper...

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Happy Belated Birthday Robby m8 (2 Days Ago...lol)

    As i said to silly pigman called Haggis,its never too late for good wishes :) Once more thanks to you all m8s :)

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Welshfusion no recoil?

    Spectate in WAW doesn't always show recoil. this has been noted a lot in the past and many discussions by admins as to whether it is a no recoil hack or not. if it was a hack or cheat it would be on all...

  • CRF450 created a new forum topic Welshfusion no recoil?

    No matter how much I spec this player I cant help but think he has no recoil when hip shooting. Sure, there's a steady aim perk but I think that only helps concentrate the bullet spray more, like when...

  • BAIT replied in forum topic Temp ban needed.

    I'll take a look. I wonder why I don't get any PM notifications?

  • THEINVADER shared a photo.

    Been meaning to get it done for a while and finally have got my homage to my favourite game of all time

  • SneakySnooks created a new forum topic Mad game crash thing

    Hi all, I recently bought borderlands the pre-sequel and shogun total war 2 on steam and when i hit play on either of them it force restarts my pc and when it starts up again it give me a message saying...

  • dazza123000 is friends with SneakySnooks
  • wax replied in forum topic A demo posting tut for RedSkillz

    Glad you are getting towards sorting out the technical bits Red. That clip you posted doesn't show anything conclusive that we can really act upon. So next exercise I guess is to capture a relevant...

  • CBeck113 replied in forum topic Happy Belated Birthday Robby m8 (2 Days Ago...lol)

    :oops: Shame on me too - happy birthday Robbyy! I should stop by more often...

  • YahMahsFat replied in forum topic Why do I keep getting kicked?

    Ahhh it's because my mp5 has martyrdom I think. Now I understand :D Thanks

  • Redskills replied in forum topic JOKE TIME

    hello all here's another one from me... There was this chickenfarmer who had, as it often happen, kept a few dozen chickens to lay and sell eggs. However lately some of his customers started to complain...

  • Redskills is friends with TubeSlayer
  • TubeSlayer replied in forum topic Why do I keep getting kicked?

    The B3 automatic Bot is kicking you for what looks like either having the Martyrdom perk on, or using a RPG launcher, or a Tube, Granade launcher. Non of which we allow on the COD4 servers. If you have...

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Temp ban needed.

    Thanks for the info Bait m8 ,we will kepp an eye on him. I sent you a message week ago about admin status ,check your PM box . Cheers m8

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Happy Belated Birthday Robby m8 (2 Days Ago...lol)

    Thanks m8s :)

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Why do I keep getting kicked?

    The logs show you have been kicked 4 times out of 7, have you checked the rules to see if you are doing anything wrong. The 4 kicks are for the same reason check the rules here http://adminwiki.oghf.org.uk/index.php?title=COD_Based_Rules Cheers

  • Toosh replied in forum topic Why do I keep getting kicked?

    It may be that the Bot is kicking you for some reason or you may need to update Punk Buster... follow this link http://www.oghf.org.uk/oghfforum/25/legacy-pbsetup-tool-1345

  • YahMahsFat created a new forum topic Why do I keep getting kicked?

    I've only had COD4 on PC for 3 days and today and last night I keep getting kicked by the admin with no reason given. I'm not doing anything wrong.. no cheats, no camping or spawn killing etc.. I played...

  • haggis is friends with daxos
  • BAIT created a new forum topic Temp ban needed.

    Friday 10/17 10:30 am EDT USA a player named "MSO79s" would not stop bunny hopping. I alerted/warned him on numerous occations to stop. He never replied and this went on for several games. He needs a...

  • NightHawk1 replied in forum topic Happy Belated Birthday Robby m8 (2 Days Ago...lol)

    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: very sorry mate, but a late Happy B-day from the misses and me. hope you had a wunderfull day m8 Arnold

  • Toosh
    2 days ago

    Is there some work going on with the servers and webby? Load times are massive and W@W server is running like its about to fall over and needs a reboot. In fact any chance of a reboot pls?

  • Warsphinkter replied in forum topic Happy Belated Birthday Robby m8 (2 Days Ago...lol)

    "Really Sorry Nugget" Happy Birthday Robby! 8-)

  • Redskills replied in forum topic A demo posting tut for RedSkillz

    http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g71182e8d4c9a87629995708590f509bf71af147a7 There you go... Wrong item but it seems to work thanks ever so much Al!

  • Redskills replied in forum topic A demo posting tut for RedSkillz

    Thanks Steven for your explaination, like i said i'm a total newb when it comes to computers. I've taken some demo's, but couldnt post them. That and the fact i thought to have exposed a cheater, pissed...

  • Redskills shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    Whats there TO say..?

  • Al Capwn created a new forum topic A demo posting tut for RedSkillz

    Firstly, go to http://www.fileconvoy.com/index.php and upload your demo file to there. It will give you a link, to use for you or anyone to access the file. I usually choose the 'store file for one week'...

  • no-shot-jam replied in forum topic OGHF BF3 server?

    Our servers are always there bud. All we need is to create a little more interest. 4 of us would normally start it off. 1para can get like that, well all 64 man servers can. Either go for a smaller amount...

  • 5parky replied in forum topic Happy Belated Birthday Robby m8 (2 Days Ago...lol)

    Happy birthday m8 :D

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The case for NBA Live, the series, is also the case against NBA Live 15, the game hitting stores in 10 days. Sean O'Brien, the game's executive producer, knows this. "I'm not selling you, or anyone, this game," he told me. He knows NBA Live's embarassing history, knows that everything he says sounds self-interested, knows that any claim he makes is pfft-worthy, especially with this year's game delayed three weeks past its announced launch date. Here is the guarantee O'Brien will make, though: NBA Live 15 will be better than NBA Live 14 by about this much, he says, holding...
Fan of the game or not, this teaser trailer for a documentary about Halo 2 Anniversary should take you right the hell back to 2004, and ten years never seemed like so long ago. Lord, we are old. That's Peter Jennings on ABC's World News Tonight, framing a perfectly understandable lede on the importance of a video game for dinnertime viewers who never heard of the thing before. And not Halo as it is known today. Halo 2, on the day of its release. "It is a huge moment for the manufacturer." Yep. It was. "Remaking the Legend — Halo...
In the interest of journalistic transparency, here is a special message Sunset Overdrive is playing for those currently reviewing the game, before its release in 10 days. It comes via "Sunset TV," which is a weekly show that developer Insomniac Games is going to stream in-world. So for this first run, knowing that the only ones (mostly) who are playing it are reviewers, Insomniac has some Orwellian propaganda for those who hold its Metacritic'd fate in their hands. "Look I'm not trying to sway your review score either way," says Insomniac's Brandon Winfrey. "I mean your opinion is your opinion....
Remaking The Legend: Halo 2 Anniversary is an upcoming documentary that follows developer 343 Industries and the events surrounding the re-imagining of one of Xbox’s most iconic games ever made. This November 11, Halo 2 Anniversary launches 10 years after the original as a part of Halo: The Master Chief collection, remastering the legendary FPS with new […] The post Upcoming Halo Film To Document The Remaking of Halo 2 appeared first on MP1st.
The countdown to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare begins. Just over two weeks away from launch, Sledgehammer Games has unveiled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s official launch trailer, featuring a mix of single player and multiplayer (or Exo Survival) footage with more Kevin Spacey as Jonathan Irons and even a shot of who we believe […] The post Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Launch Trailer Is Here, Minimum PC Specs ‘Should Be Posted Tonight’ appeared first on MP1st.
Normally the "launch trailer," is something that launches on the launch date, which in the case of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, is Nov. 4, or Election Day in the United States. Activision apparently decided to roll its own early get-out-the-vote campaign, offering up this 90 second look comprising the story, characters and some gameplay of the latest entry in its military shooter. That's Kevin Spacey as Jonathan Irons (no relation to Jeremy), reminding you that "politicians don't know how to solve problems, but I do." So there you have it, vote Irons in this mid-term election. Except, as...
Images of HBO Go on Xbox One have purportedly leaked out, indicating the service is ready to come to that console to hit an earlier announced timeframe of sometime this year. The images in question are said to be of a beta release of the HBO Go app, which has yet to release for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. (It's already available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.) A link to the images were posted in the Xbox One subreddit yesterday, and has since been removed. HBO Go stands to get a huge boost next year as the premium television network prepares...
Rubbing elbows with important personages of history, from Caterina Sforza to George Washington, is one of the unique appeals of the Assassin's Creed franchise. So now it's time to meet Assassin's Creed Unity's characters of revolutionary France, two of them fictitious, and three quite well known. The latter three would be the Marquis de Sade, Robespierre, leader of la Terreur, and a short guy by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. They join player-protagonist Arno and his romantic companion Elise in enforcing an alternate view of the French Revolution. Note how many people carry around fully loaded and powdered duelling pistols...
The next round of fixes for Destiny will address both Atheon, the final boss in the Vault of Glass raid, and the Mythoclast, the exotic weapon he drops, Bungie reported in its latest weekly update. Strengthening Atheon doesn't appear to be a result of this video, in which a six-man team drops him in 17 seconds, total. "Knocking a boss off a ledge is a bug," Bungie noted. "We will seek to address bugs like these as quickly as possible." The 17-second takedown didn't involve knocking Atheon from a ledge, just loads and loads of firepower from six high-level characters. So "baby...
Bungie’s newest weekly update is out and, in it, the studio addressed a couple of noteworthy tweaks that are being introduced to Destiny in the coming weeks. Following this past week’s weapon balance update, Bungie has stated their intent to revisit the changes that were applied to the highly sought-after Exotic Vex Mythoclast Raid weapon. While […] The post Next Destiny Hot Fix Will ‘Buff’ Vex Mythoclast, Tweaks to Vault of Glass Raid Boss Incoming appeared first on MP1st.
In Halo 2 Anniversary, 343 Industries and Certain Affinity are yet again bringing back one of Halo’s most popular big maps, originally known as Blood Gulch in Halo: CE and later remade as Coagulation in Halo 2. Halo 2 lead multiplayer designer Max Hoberman talks about how the best aspects from both versions are being […] The post Halo 2 Anniversary – Coagulation Multiplayer Gameplay and Walkthrough appeared first on MP1st.
45 gigabytes of Halo goodness is now available to pre-download on Xbox One in preparations for Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s official launch on the dawn of November 11. 343 Industries’ Dan Ayoub announced today that the studio’s (and Xbox’s) largest Halo project to-date has officially gone gold and will now launch on November 11 for the […] The post Halo: The Master Chief Collection Has Gone Gold, 45GB Pre-Download Now Available, 20GB Content Update at Launch appeared first on MP1st.
Extensive clan support returns for this year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. As with last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, Beachhead Studio will once again lead clan support for Advanced Warfare with a focus on an “enhanced Clan Wars experience, enriched Clan management, and unique content creation,” according to their latest statement. All this will be available […] The post Advanced Warfare Clan Support Includes New Companion App, Return of Clan Wars, and More appeared first on MP1st.
Arc System Works' fighting games Guilty Gear Xrd Sign will come to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in North America on Dec. 16, publisher Aksys Games announced on Thursday, two weeks after the game debuts in Japan. Guilty Gear Xrd Sign will come in both standard and limited editions. The premium versions of the game, which cost $20 more than their standard edition counterparts, include a special embossed and foiled box; the Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Vocal Collection, a 10-track song disc; the Guilty Gear Codex art book; and a keychain designed as a replica of Sol Badguy's belt buckle. The cast...
Is Hatred a cynical and gratuitous work of stunningly poor taste? Or is it an honest and uncorruptible take on the shooter genre, shorn of all unnecessary flim-flammery? These were just a few of the questions raised by the release of the Polish game's trailer yesterday. The game features a protagonist who despises humanity and wants to kill as many people, indiscriminately and gleefully, as possible. It was a clear departure from other violent games in which the narrative point is something other than merely murdering people for fun. The trailer was criticized by some for its brutal portrayal of a mass-murderer delighting...
You can now pre-order and preload Halo: The Master Chief Collection from the Xbox Games Store, developer 343 Industries announced today — and you might want to go digital in order to save yourself a bunch of time. The full game is 45.63 GB, which is close to the limit of a dual-layer Blu-ray Disc. And 343 will release a day-one content update that weighs in at an additional 20 GB with "some features and multiplayer content," according to Dan Ayoub, studio head for Halo external development at 343. He added, "You'll be able to start playing campaign and more...
The third and final piece of downloadable content included in Titanfall‘s Season Pass is finally making its way to Xbox 360 users next week on October 21, developer Respawn Entertainment has announced. IMC Rising offers three new maps built for Titan on Titan, Pilot on Pilot, and Pilot on Titan gameplay – Backwater, Zone 18, and Sand Trap – and […] The post Titanfall IMC Rising DLC Lands on Xbox 360 Next Week appeared first on MP1st.
In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries is introducing a new way to rub your accomplishments in your friends’ faces, not only in multiplayer battles, but with campaign achievements as well. Now, your score and speed run times are recorded and broadcasted to all your friends via the new in-game Campaign Leaderboard. While in The Master […] The post Halo: The Master Chief Collection Campaign Leaderboard Video Walkthrough appeared first on MP1st.
The Xbox One October Update is now rolling out to all owners, Microsoft announced today. With the update, users will see some major improvements to Snap functionality, especially for those without the Kinect Sensor. DNLA and MKV support have been added to add to the console’s streaming options while TV viewing is also enhanced with […] The post Get a Tour of the New Xbox One October Update, Now Live appeared first on MP1st.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is doing things a little differently when it comes to one of the series’ most recognizable gameplay mechanics, Scorestreaks. This year, not only are Scorestreaks selectable within your Create-An-Operator loadout screen, giving you more freedom in the amount of Streaks that you can take with you into battle, but you […] The post Advanced Warfare – Sledgehammer Games Explains Scorestreak Upgrades in New Gameplay Video appeared first on MP1st.