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Old Gits Having Fun HC TDM Weak Chopper [B3]
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OGHF#1 [B3] CONQ48 | Classic Fly Maps | 200% Tks
Noshahr Canals
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OGHF#1 [B3] 48 | Hardcore Conquest | Sniper Limit | Votemap
Zavod 311
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[OGHF]Zombieland Overpoch Napf|PVE|EVR|NPC|​Missions|GMT​
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  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic Admin application question.

    ;) ;) ;) ;) can i have Admin on Cod 4 servers

  • Schleimkeim1
    5 hours 57 minutes ago

    hi lads, back in action..had some stuff to do on my house before the winter kicks in...and winter is coming
    looking forward to a few rounds tonite

    Schleimkeim1 one other thing..i have 20 quit to spend on a game....BFBC2 or dayZ?
    5 hours 54 minutes ago
  • knownix replied in forum topic Nobody - aimbotting on weakened chopper server.

    Thx Steven, I banned him ... Nix

  • Al Capwn created a new forum topic Nobody - aimbotting on weakened chopper server.

    Nobody - aimbotting on weakened chopper server. Approx 13:55, Monday, 1st September. Demo can be downloaded from here: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g23f52cd9b2afe096999549581e1ac85f635ce73a8 ........

  • aaronjd
    13 hours 17 minutes ago

    Hi folks i am back gaming again. i am having troubles with team speak. Is it possible for some one to send me the settings again. Thanks have tried using the link but dosent seem to work

  • unreal2010 is friends with TubeSlayer
  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Right ive got a problem re-installed said game keeps telling me my game is already registerd which is about right un-installed it ages and ages ago dont remember any of the details I.E Email...

  • Compo replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Hi Nostromo, had the same problem when I re-installed it. I start the game in Origin so I used my email & password for Origin and that got me into the game plus I could then see all the servers on MP.

  • BAIT replied in forum topic Admin application question.

    OK thanks robbyy m8. I just wanted to make sure someone saw it. I wasn't sure where to post it. I can wait. :|

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Right ive got a problem re-installed said game keeps telling me my game is already registerd which is about right un-installed it ages and ages ago dont remember any of the details I.E Email...

  • robbyy replied in forum topic Admin application question.

    Hi Bait m8,i will talk with council and boss about it. When we make a decision I will inform you. Please be patient m8 :) Cheers

  • kenguru replied in forum topic Ban or Kicked Appeals

    Hi , I was playing today and got kicked. Could someone please unband me. I did not do anything wrong. Regards, Kenguru

  • kenguru replied in forum topic Ban or Kicked Appeals

    Hi, I was playing today and got kicked without a reason. Could you please unband me. I did not record the game but if it is necessary in a future I will start recording. Recently I was getting kicked...

  • godscountry is friends with Buki
  • IceTiger146
    2 days ago


    Facebook My ice bucket challenge. Thanks D1A-B3TTY-UK for the nomination www.facebook.com/video.php?v=939578302725783&set=vb.100000208661700&type=2&theater¬if_t=like
    knownix Cant see it....
    10 hours 15 minutes ago
  • NostromoUK is friends with MachoMeccano
  • ShotgunRCAF replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Glad your enjoying it Zimmer, I agree with your analysis, its bang on!

  • chef replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    love it Kev just love it bet it sounds great too..

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I'm really enjoying this now that I have started playing it again :D . The weapons seem to be far better balanced than those in BF4. I only ever play assault in BF4. I could never play recon but...

  • nagged replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    Looks got Kev

  • Zimmerframe is friends with ShotgunRCAF
  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    Really nice looking car. A friends son has a 350z which I have been in on track days. It goes and stops well so I can only guess how good yours is :D

  • Hammy_GER shared 2 photos in the Hammy_GER's Photos album
    3 days ago

    A little bit of pure humiliation

  • Busa replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    Now that it looks like flatty has sorted the threads will post again :) This is the new exhausted fitted wasn't to keen on the looks and sound of the last one, now this Cobra set up is much better :) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v286/busa1300/370z/20140821_110911_zps675927a1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v286/busa1300/370z/20140821_110924_zpsb3f16bf9.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v286/busa1300/370z/20140821_180340_zpsfa417bca.jpg Kev

  • Busa replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    Just a test post :) Kev

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic FTTC

    The install was done yesterday in about 30 minutes or so. Everything works a treat and I am seeing the speeds quoted :D . The Netgear R6300v2 was a doddle to set up too, though the wireless range...

  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic 2 Demos

    same as me love to rush in and get in on the killing :)

  • NostromoUK is friends with Tass
  • Orion replied in forum topic 2 Demos

    Haha. Ive been banned several times from another (mixed hardcore) server for suspected wallhack, but I record all my games - although probably only about 75% of my games on OGHF - for back up purposes,...

  • Dwarfer
    3 days ago

    Swatting is an internet prank/crime where someone finds your address either through your IP or because your name and location is known.Then they call 911 anonymously and report a fake emergency.Ex,someone can call and say that someone at that address is being held at a gun point or someone is going to commit suicide and a SWAT team would be dispatched to the address.

    no-shot-jam How ridiculous. These 'muricans!
    3 days ago 1
  • NostromoUK replied in forum topic 2 Demos

    :) no need to post demos of your own gameplay we all know your Dodgy :)

  • ShadowSteve
    4 days ago

    My internet connection over the last days is not the best....Looking for a new internet provider and hope I'll be back soon! Cheers!!

  • Orion created a new forum topic 2 Demos

    I was feeling some hostility tonight, and whilst no-one said my play was dodgy, I thought I would post demos of the last 2 games I played on Weak Chopper TDM server. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2qbbx2hu23dd5ms/demo0076.dm_1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/btf8nhsgzqc4ph1/demo0075.dm_1

  • wax replied in forum topic Demo of Ribery aimbotting on Weakened Chopper server

    Perm banned by myself and also witnessed by Mistagain. Thanks Steven. Cheers w

  • Al Capwn created a new forum topic Demo of Ribery aimbotting on Weakened Chopper server

    He was perma-banned. Proof demo can be got from here: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g4387b0101d143cf599954809338d6e9075622dda0 ..... Steven.

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic JOKE TIME

    This is probably an Oldie... A bloke starts his new job at the zoo and is given three tasks. First is to clear the exotic fish pool of weeds. As he does this a huge fish jumps out and bites him....

  • Gandalf
    5 days ago

    BF4 servers OGHF 1and 2 keep lagging badly ,then crash.....any help greatly appreciated

    Dwarfer Hi, Looks like GameServer are having peering issues I see 66-70% packet loss via the Level3 peering at the mo so probably loosing connection to the EA back end servers... not much we can do ! sorry !
    5 days ago 2
  • silent g3
    5 days ago

    Hey! Admin..... I handed my tags back 2 days ago & I still have access to clan members pages / stuff...... Somebody do the necessary please. Cheers!!

    silent g3 Cheers 5parky... will do
    5 days ago
  • Zimmerframe has liked an Album

    5 days ago

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This past long weekend was a good one for Halo fans. Not only did key members of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection development team have a few exciting announcements to make during a panel at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington, thousands of gamers also watched the Halo 2 Anniversary PAX Prime Showdown […] The post Halo: The Master Chief Collection at PAX Prime 2014 Recap appeared first on MP1st.
Since the latest episode of feminist gaming series Tropes vs. Women was released a couple of weeks ago, gaming sites and forums have hosted a wide array of opinions, both defending and decrying the video. But what do you do if you're the developer of one of the games called out in this episode? In the case of Volition creative director Steve Jaros, the answer is simple: owning up to what he calls "a problem in the game industry." Speaking to The Escapist, Jaros said, "I actually think [Tropes vs. Women creator Anita Sarkeesian's] right in this case." He went on...
The League of Legends 2014 World Championship is likely to sell out Sangam Stadium in Seoul, South Korea, according to Riot Games' EVP of eSports, Dustin Beck. Speaking to Polygon, Beck said the venue has a capacity for more than 65,000 people and, after Riot implements its stage designs, the stadium should be able to cater to 45,000. "We do expect to sell out," he said. "Our early ticket sales have all sold out. We're trying to create more capacity and flexibility, but so far so good." The 2013 World Championship sold out the Staples Center in Los Angeles last year, which...
On the same day he was named to the cover of Madden NFL 15 — the Wheaties box of the 21st Century — Richard Sherman sat down in an interview room in Los Angeles and was asked, by EA Sports, to star in his own humiliation in the game. Mike Young, the creative director who came up with this idea, wasn't sure how it was going to go with the Seattle Seahawks' outspoken defensive back. Young had flown out to Los Angeles on the day ESPN would announce the winner of this fan-voted contest. When he landed, Young didn't...
With Moonrise, a new free-to-play online mobile multiplayer game, State of Decay developer Undead Labs is looking to fill a void in the gaming space. Specifically, one inspired by a mix of popular franchises such as Pokémon and Magic the Gathering, game designer Richard Foge told Polygon at PAX Prime. "One of the things that led to [Moonrise] existing — our founder has a thing that we go through when we're pitching new game ideas," Foge said. "He calls it the obviousness test: 'Is this a thing that people want?' "And everybody wants a Pokémon MMO. It certainly was a source of the...
Tekken game director Katsuhiro Harada took to the stage at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia pre-TGS press conference earlier today to show off a new project being developed by "Tekken Team" and ... it's probably not what you're expecting. It turns out that curious Pokémon fighting game isn't the only unusual project Harada and team are working on. Summer Lesson is being built for Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality platform and — instead of a fighting game, per the team's pedigree — it's focused on "communication." You'll be communicating with a young Japanese schoolgirl in her room, using the VR headset to...
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia unveiled a slew of new games — and some not so new games — coming to PlayStation 4, including Disgaea 5, Earth Defense Force 4.1 and a new Ys title. Disgaea 5 is coming to PS4 sometime in 2015. Earth Defense Force 4.1 appears to be an update to the most recent Sandlot-developed bug-slaying shooter. Also announced at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference was a new PS4 game from Bandai Namco based on the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and a new game in the Senran Kagura series, subtitled Estival Versus, which...
Sony will bring themes to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in future firmware updates, the company announced at its Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia press conference today. The ability to customize your PS4 and Vita will introduce game-themed wallpapers and icons for each platform. In the example shown for PS4, PlayStation mascots Toro and Kuro (above) were shown in animated form playing in a house — with nods to LocoRoco — alongside a user interface that featured theme-specific icons. On Vita, a theme for Danganropa series spin-off Zettai Zetsubo Shojo: Danganronpa Another Episode was displayed with custom wallpaper and icons....
A new Dragon Quest game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3: Dragon Quest Heroes, a hack and slash, Dynasty Warriors-style action role-playing game from Square Enix, Tecmo Koei and Omega Force. Yuji Horii from Square Enix and Kou Shibusawa from Tecmo Koei unveiled the new Dragon Quest spin-off at today's Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia press conference alongside a trailer that showcased gameplay and pre-rendered cinematics. A group of heroes was shown dispatching scores of classic Dragon Quest enemies, like slimes, cyclopses, dragons, skeletons, wizards, golems and more. Dragon Quest Heroes will be out sometime in 2015. Sony will...
The next game in the Persona series has been pushed to 2015, Atlus announced at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia's press conference today. The game, Persona 5, is now slated to come to PlayStation 3 as well as PlayStation 4 next year. Persona 5 was announced as a PS3 title last year and slated for a "winter 2014" release. Developer Atlus showed an animated teaser today, but no gameplay, and confirmed that the role-playing game was PS4-bound next year. Here's the game's latest Japanese-language teaser.
Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 — and other platforms — in early 2015, Capcom producer Masachika Kawata announced at a Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia press conference today. Revelations 2 is being developed by the core staff members of the previous entry, which hit Nintendo 3DS and previous generation consoles, but will be set in a new period and a new setting, Kawata said. The game's protagonists will not be Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, Kawata noted, but no other game specifics were announced. The game was announced alongside a live action teaser with the...
Destiny‘s launch draws closer, yet fans are anxious to learn as much as possible about the game’s more mysterious elements. Thus far, developer Bungie has been keeping details on Destiny’s Raids and other end game material close to its chest. We learned earlier the Vault of Glass will provide a rather difficult challenge after hitting that […] The post You’ll Have One Week To Complete a Raid in Destiny, More End Game Details Surface appeared first on MP1st.
Modern Combat, a hand-held first-person shooter from developer Gameloft and the closest thing you’ll get to a triple-A console shooter on mobile, returns to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with the fifth entry in the now long-running series. Premium priced at $6.99 USD, Modern Combat 5: Blackout does away with in-app purchases and, instead, offers a shooter jam-packed […] The post Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review – Top-Notch Mobile FPS Action At Your Finger Tips appeared first on MP1st.
Out now, new maps, weapons, and updates are available for The Last of Us on PlayStation 3 and The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4. Developer Naughty Dog is offering up two free maps in the Treacherous Territories pack for both platforms today, including Beach, a suitable map for long-range snipers, and Financial Plaza, […] The post The Last of Us Gets Free Multiplayer Maps and New Weapons on PS4 and PS3, Latest Patches Detailed appeared first on MP1st.
Bungie and Sledgehammer Games are teaming up to offer gamers a neat way to represent Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the brave new world of Destiny. Starting September 1 through to September 21, anyone with an Advanced Warfare reservation through GameStop or EB Games will receive a download code to access a special Level 20 Legendary […] The post Advanced Warfare Pre-Order Incentive Offers Destiny In-Game Bonuses appeared first on MP1st.
Hot on the heels of its latest major system update, the Xbox One’s September Patch is now rolling out a tad earlier, here in late August. It introduces the brand new Media Player app that will play files from an attached USB device. According to Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, DNLA support is coming soon. The Party […] The post Xbox One’s September Update is Here, Check Out What’s In Store appeared first on MP1st.
This weekend, Steam users will find 50% saving on all titles in the Call of Duty franchise, including entries in the World at War, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and Ghosts series. The sale is on now and will continue through to this Monday, September 1st. You’ll find the full list of Call of Duty titles offered […] The post Call of Duty Franchise Weekend Sale Hits Steam, Ghosts Multiplayer Free-To-Play Until Sunday appeared first on MP1st.
Bungie’s last Halo game to grace the Xbox 360 is being offered for free to Xbox Live Gold members next month. Starting on September 16, anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription (and enough storage on their Xbox 360 HDD) will be able to download Halo: Reach at no cost. You’ll have to pick it up […] The post Halo: Reach Included in September’s Xbox Live Games With Gold appeared first on MP1st.
Developer Sledgehammer Games is giving loot hunters something to chew on in Advanced Warfare this November with what the studio is calling Supply Drops. Each drop supplies players with additional rewards on top of their standard weapon, attachment, or perk unlocks and are earned by simply playing the game. You’ll find items ranging in rarity from Enlisted, […] The post Find Out What Advanced Warfare’s Supply Drops Are All About in This New Trailer appeared first on MP1st.
Lockout will be joining Ascension, Coagulation, Zanzibar, and Sanctuary as the fifth of six classic Halo 2 maps to be remade in the upcoming Halo 2 Anniversary edition on Xbox One. Developer 343 Industries made the announcement today, ahead of their busy weekend at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle, WA where the studio has a […] The post Lockout is Halo 2 Anniversary’s Fifth Map Remake, New Footage, Images and Art appeared first on MP1st.