Old Gits Having Fun TDM HC [B3]
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Old Gits Having Fun HC DM Weak Chopper [B3]
PLAYERS: 11 / 32
Old Gits Having Fun HC TDM Weak Chopper [B3]
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OGHF#1 [B3] CONQ48 | Classic Fly Maps | 200% Tks
Caspian Border
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OGHF#1 [B3] 48 | Hardcore Conquest | Sniper Limit | Votemap
Paracel Storm
PLAYERS: 0 / 48
[OGHF]Zombieland Overpoch Napf|PVE|EVR|NPC|​Missions|GMT​
PLAYERS: 0 / 24
[OGHF]Zombieland Overpoch Chern (|​EVR|NPC|GMT​
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  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Music

    London Grammar: I've been following this band for a little while now. The female singers voice is very melancholic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6drfp_3823I

  • dexter432
    5 hours 46 minutes ago


  • DirectDebit replied in forum topic Supernatural

    Terry Thomas - School for Scoundrels

  • vanhelsing59 shared 3 photos in the Challenger 2 album
    11 hours 49 minutes ago

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  • FrankiPunk replied in forum topic Ban or Kicked Appeals

    Hi, why i got banned? thx FrankiPunk

  • DirectDebit replied in forum topic Music


  • DirectDebit replied in forum topic Music


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  • D1A-B3TTY-UK
    17 hours 4 minutes ago


    Mark Oghf Diabetty Crutchley | Facebook here is my icebucket challenge thanx to my wife Dawn Crutchley-sewell my nominations are :- my mum Pauline Flanagan , my daughter Rosa Crutchley oh… www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=970372966314032&l=4788265032228887406
    D1A-B3TTY-UK chicken lol its for a good cause m8
    16 hours 47 minutes ago
  • E_Old_One
    18 hours 55 minutes ago


  • TubeSlayer replied in forum topic Demo of Monstar, aimbotting on weakened chopper server

    Thank you Steven. Will ban as soon as I have sorted something about this guy. Super Admins and Echelon users. Please see clan forum as I have an issue about this Monstar guy. Tube

  • Al Capwn created a new forum topic Demo of Monstar, aimbotting on weakened chopper server

    Monstar, aimbotting on weakened chopper server Approx 16:00 on 26th. Map Crash. Demo can be dowloded from here: http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=gbb8a04cf061bdcf0999547146f5f415ac4c3f972e ........

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    I've had exactly the same problem too. I have posted replies but don't see them. If there are multiple replies from me, that's the reason ;)

  • nagged replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    Not quite sure whats going on but I can't see a number of replies including my own to this topic along with some other areas, is there a problem?

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  • Dwarfer replied in forum topic Hello to all

    Hi and Welcome :-) weren't full of idiots Sure you have the right server ;-) If your on new not sure what launcher you are using but try DayZLauncher rather than DAYZCommander as its seems to...

  • cpopertwee created a new forum topic Hello to all

    Hi folks I joined up for the Dayz shenanigans and was pleased to find servers that weren't full of idiots. I've just spent some time trying to get my PC to work since the update as my Arma 2 etc was...

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Leaked Trailer

    Definitely not for me. At least BF4 is plausible. If I wanted Cops & Robbers I'd play GTA. Now a WW2 story with the latest graphics.... That would be nice ;)

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Success (again) :D Shotgun got me thinking, (oh dear, not a good idea). It was a simple keyboard configuration conflict. I don't use the usual WASD config but prefer to use the keys on the number...

  • silent g3 created a new forum topic Tags handed back...........

    Members see "Private Clan Forum" for details. I'll Still frequent the FFA server & guest forums, so see y'all in game. ;) Silent G3.

  • no-shot-jam replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I tried to play the game, first as the single player mode. As No-Shot said, I have also lost any saved points and had to start anew. The intro in Japan in WW2 ran OK but once I reached the beach and...

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    No, just mouse and keyboard... Hmmm. Maybe some kind of control conflict then?

  • NightHawk1 replied in forum topic PERICOBCN hacking...

    nice catch CRF, ;) keep up yhe good works, Thanx cheers , Hawky

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  • ShotgunRCAF replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I tried to play the game, first as the single player mode. As No-Shot said, I have also lost any saved points and had to start anew. The intro in Japan in WW2 ran OK but once I reached the beach and...

  • NostromoUK is friends with Zimmerframe
  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I tried to play the game, first as the single player mode. As Wraith said, I have also lost any saved points and had to start anew. The intro in Japan in WW2 ran OK but once I reached the beach and tried...

  • wax
    3 days ago

    Good morning........Can someone please reboot the CoD4 FFA server. It appears to be stuck/frozen. Cheers w.

  • godscountry
    3 days ago

    Morning all, from a sunny start to the day in Yorkieland.

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic my 370z diary

    Really nice looking car :D

  • Zimmerframe replied in forum topic Happy Birthday Zimmy.

    Belated Greetings Zimmy for your Birthday, sorry I am late M8, cannot keep up with you young uns, because of my leg, LOL I can lend you one of mine ;)

  • godscountry replied in forum topic Happy Birthday Zimmy.

    Belated Greetings Zimmy for your Birthday, sorry I am late M8, cannot keep up with you young uns, because of my leg, LOL

  • godscountry replied in forum topic JOKE TIME

    The Jewish Elbow¦ A Jewish grandmother is giving directions to her grown grandson who is coming to visit with his wife. "You come to the front door of the apartments. I am in apartment 301. There is...

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  • DirectDebit replied in forum topic Supernatural


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Lawyers for Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher Take Two claim the recent lawsuit filed by actress Lindsay Lohan against the games company was done "for publicity purposes," according to court papers as reported by Big Story. Take Two aims to have the lawsuit dismissed and legal fees paid by Lohan. The Associated Press reported earlier this year that Lohan's legal team filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court that alleges Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games based GTA 5 character Lacey Jonas on the actress, who has starred in Herbie Fully Loaded and The Canyons. The developer "incorporated her image, likeness, clothing, outfits, [Lohan's] clothing line products,...
Pokkén Tournament, the Pokémon fighting game in development at Bandai Namco with the involvement of the Tekken and Soulcalibur teams, may look like a Tekken game in some ways, but don't expect it to play like one, producer Katsuhiro Harada says. On Twitter, Harada said that Pokkén Tournament won't have a high-mid-low guard mechanic like Tekken, but will explore new gameplay mechanics, according to tweets translated by EventHubs. The game also won't include Tekken fighters as guest characters. Harada said the game's roster won't be limited to humanoid-style Pokémon. Responding to concerns that Pokémon Lucario and Machamp were representative of the characters we'd see in Pokkén Tournament,...
Diablo 3 patch 2.1.0 is introducing some significant new features to the PC version of the game, namely, Seasons, Greater Rifts, Leaderboards, and a new Rift environment called The Cesspools. Seasons Seasons offer players the chance to build a Normal or Hardcore character from scratch in the duration of a Season, similar to Ladders in […] The post Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.0 on PC Introduces New Features – Seasons, Greater Rifts, and More appeared first on MP1st.
BioWare is bringing multiplayer to Dragon Age: Inquisition, a mode that the developer describes as "an action-packed dungeon-crawling four-player co-op experience" with fast-paced, strategic team gameplay. In a FAQ posted to the official Dragon Age website, BioWare explains that in Inquisition's multiplayer mode players will embark on missions given by specialists; acquire gold and loot; craft new items; and unlock new characters, weapons, potions, armor and more. The goal, BioWare says, "is to make a fun dungeon-crawling experience that you can play with your friends. There will be no pay walls in Dragon Age multiplayer. Everything is accessible with gold coins. You...
Ramallah in Palestine's West Bank is home to PinchPoint, a game developer that claims to be the first venture-capital-backed Palestinian video game studio. The New Yorker reports PinchPoint's first game, Spermania for Android, which covers a subject that is a long way away from the conflict that surrounds the game's makers. It is a mobile fantasy-platformer about the life of a sperm. But just making this game has been a struggle for the developers, who live in a city that is at the forefront of the long-standing conflict between Palestinians and Israel. "Local events here definitely affect our focus and stress...
Similar to the deal Xbox Live members got last week, a week-long Call of Duty sale is now hitting the PlayStation Network, discounting almost all titles in the series from the original Modern Warfare to Call of Duty: Ghosts, including DLC. You’ll even find bundles for Treyarch’s Black Ops series and Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series. […] The post Week-Long Call of Duty Sale Hits PlayStation Network, Games and DLC Up To 50% Off appeared first on MP1st.
The Mario Kart franchise has always been about racing with characters from the Mario universe — until now. With two upcoming downloadable content packs, Mario Kart 8 players will be able to add The Legend of Zelda's Link and the villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing, according to a post from Nintendo's official UK store. The first pack of the two adds Link, cat-suit Peach and tanooki-suit Mario, as well as four vehicles and eight tracks. It will be available in November of this year. Pack 2, available in May 2015, adds Animal Crossing's Villager, Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf,...
Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third entry in BioWare’s epic fantasy RPG series, will sport four-player co-operative multiplayer at launch. According to IGN, the newly announced mode will challenge you and three other friends to take on three different multiplayer campaigns, each lasting about 20 to 30 minutes in time. Each campaign randomly generates a large level […] The post Multiplayer is Coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition, Will Be Supported With Free DLC appeared first on MP1st.
The Republican Party has released an 8-bit-style online platformer that the GOP hopes will aid its political fortunes in a mid-term election year. Starring an elephant with the name of Giopo, the game features enemies called "Job-destroying Taxers," who are described as having been sent by "Harry Reid and President Obama." Jumping on the bad guys releases sound clips that are hostile to the Democrats. "Hi, my name is Giopi," states the game's intro. "I'm one of the GOP's best volunteers for the 2014 midterms, and I'm here to show you how we can win back the Senate! There is...
It’s been 11 long months since the arrival of Blizzard Entertainment’s popular dungeon crawler, Diablo 3, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 — even longer since it’s initial launch on PC and Mac back in May, 2012. Life in the world of Sanctuary has since begun to grow rather stale. Thankfully, as of August 19th, 2014, those […] The post Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Review – Definitive Co-Op Action on Consoles appeared first on MP1st.
Britain's Daily Mail tabloid can usually be relied upon to run stories that are hostile to video games, revealing the "chilling truth" behind hit games and their "morally immature" imprint on young minds. But today, the newspaper is running a story about a woman who credits playing a Nintendo Wii game, with saving her life. Late last year, Emma White (36) was playing a Wii dancing game with her kids, on her daughter's birthday, when she suffered a loss of bladder control. Never having experienced incontinence before, she checked in with a doctor. After tests, she was diagnosed with...
If you sit down with the people promoting Fenix Rage, that's what they say: it's like if Meat Boy and Sonic got together and produced offpsring And yeah, sure, if you look at Fenix, the main character in Fenix Rage, he really does kinda look that way, small and stocky but also fierce and spiky. There are also the similarities in terms of speed and accuracy of control. I played the game at a demo last week, and here's the thing about Fenix Rage. It's hard, but in a fun way, very much in the tradition of the best PC platformers of...
The organizers of GaymerX, the gaming convention originally aimed at the LGBT community, launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday, looking to raise $80,000 to bring back the event in late 2015 as GX: Everyone Games. According to the GX3 Kickstarter page, the convention's organizers decided to shed the "gaymer" term because "not all of our attendees identify with the 'gaymer' label," and because they wanted to indicate that the show welcomes anyone who feels left out of mainstream gaming culture. The kickoff of the funding drive is the biggest step yet toward making GX3 a reality. The inaugural GaymerX took place...
Death is inevitable in Titan Souls. Playing as a tiny pixel human, players get one arrow and one hit point. If they fire their arrow, they have to retrieve it in order to fire it again. If they get hit even once, they die and have to return to the last check point and do it all over again. Every battle is against a boss — a kind of super enemy that is much bigger than the player. But every boss also has a weak spot. Find the weak spot and the boss can be taken out in one hit. "The...
Confirming whisperings from earlier this morning, the world’s most popular internet broadcasting service has been acquired by Amazon, the company announced today. Twitch Interactive, formed in June of 2011, quickly grew to become the most widely used live video platform amongst gamers, bringing in tens of millions of viewers each month. In February earlier this year, The Wall Street […] The post Amazon Officially Acquires Twitch To Build on ‘Shared Values and Long-Term Vision’ appeared first on MP1st.
Many of you have even said it right here in the comment sections of MP1st: “Hardline isn’t a true Battlefield game.” Whatever your verdict on the studio’s cops vs. criminals spin-off shooter is, Visceral Games general manager Steve Papoutsis is cool with it, as long as you’ve made up your mind after having played it. “There […] The post “That’s Cool” If You Don’t Think Hardline is a True Battlefield Game, Says Visceral GM appeared first on MP1st.
Update According to the official Xbox’s Support Page, Xbox Live Core Services are back up and running, save for issues currently affecting Diablo III on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You’ll find updates here. Original Story In the wake of attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network, users on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One are now […] The post Xbox Live Experiencing Sign In Issues, Core Services “Limited,” Says Xbox Support [Updated] appeared first on MP1st.
Update 2 Sony reports PlayStation Network online services are returning, though users may continue to experience difficulty logging in, slowness, and authentication failures for a while. Update 1 Sony has acknowledged the DDOS attack and has released an official statement: “Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been […] The post PlayStation Network Down Due To DDOS Attack [Updated] appeared first on MP1st.
Call of Duty’s community is often seen as a two-sided coin — you’ve got your casual gamers on one side and competitive gamers on the other, and it can be tricky balancing act attempting pleasing the two. Treyarch’s Black Ops 2 was the first to publicly push eSports features in a Call of Duty title, leaving casual […] The post Advanced Warfare Is Built Equally For Casual and Competitive Gamers, Says Lead MP Designer appeared first on MP1st.
Halo 2 Anniversary is coming to PAX Prime in Seattle, WA next weekend with another $10,000 tournament presented by ESL and Twitch. A similar $10,000 championship concluded at Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany only last week, but it looks like developer 343 Industries is set to do it all over gain next week for Western […] The post 343 Brings Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PAX Prime, Dev Panel and $10,000 Tournament In The Works appeared first on MP1st.