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  •   Sack-Head reacted to this post about 8 hours ago
    GrimDemeanor uploaded a new video
    So, my last video contained lyrics and vocals that could be deemed offensive.

    This one has none whatsoever, so I'm safe!

    Let me introduce you to Persefone (pronounced Persephone - lol), a band from Spain (Andorra actually - maybe Prometeo can explain the difference)

    How a bunch of guys from a country that only has 77'000 inhabitants could form a band and kick such serious ass I have no idea.

    Most developed countries would have a hard time getting 6 musicians of this calibre together in one room - I know it would be impossible in South Africa.
    So kudos to Andorra, and Spain by association

    Wildcat - I keep trying to impress you - maybe this will be the one?
    Persefone - Consciousness (Pt.1 & Pt. 2)
    From the new album: Spiritual Migration (2013)
    Pt.1 Sittihg In Silence + Pt.2 A Path To Enlightenment
    Marc Martins: Vocals
    Carlos Lozano: Guitars
    Jordi Gorgues: Guitars
    Miguel Espinosa: Keyboards& vocals.
    Toni Mestre: Bass
    Marc Mas: Drums

    by TheMarceloRocker

    • We could say that Andorra belonged to Spain some time ago, but now it is an independent state
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