Sunday, 24 October 2021
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This is going to be a bit of a fun police thread I am afraid.
A couple of issues to contend with:-

* We are seeing more clan members turning up online with OGHF tags in front of names that they were not originally signed up with. Great! No issues with anyone using aliases a lot of us do, BUT please do not put OGHF in front of the alias. You do this and someone then has to spend time and effort deciding if it's legitimate and you risk being kicked or banned in the mean time. A reminder In the case of appointed admins whom we also ask not to do admin tasks whilst under alias.

* If you want to change your signed up name to something else, as a courtesy at least please let HA and or council know before doing it and adding OGHF in front.

* OGHF hacker, (OGHF) hacker, [OGHF] hacker, {OGHF} hacker..................and any derivation of this name really is a non starter even if intended in jest, anyone using it will start to accrue lengthy bans and potential permanent ban for repeat offenders. We can see a few genuine members who have it in their alias list. PLEASE DO NOT USE IT. We also have a number of "visitors" who use this name and whom are definitely not clan members these will be subject to 2w, 4w tb's and then pb if they continue to use the name and our clan tags when not entitled to.

Thanks w
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