Sunday, 20 June 2021
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Hello Gits,

Once in a while there are players who feel the need to bring politics or believe in their conversations (especially on 24/7 overgrown).
Sometimes funny and with respect for eachother, sometimes taunting or disrespectful.
Shouting the name of ....., stirring eachother up, defending their homecountries who are at odds with each other.
Than for me the line is crossed.
Happened only few times, but I wanna be prepared as admin. ;)
So, what is our policy about that?
We do not do Politics or Religion, both cause too much aggravation, I usually put a message up along the lines of "this is a gaming server, we do not do politics or religion" usually that is enough, if they continue warns and kicks. We have only had one player that I can recall that we have banned for it.
5 months ago
Roger that :D .
And I meant of course "belief", religion is the better word :p.
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