Old Gits Having Fun is Ten years Old this month.

In this Category you will find info about the things we are up to to celebrate our 10th Birthday.


Important Community Information (Rules and stuff like that...)

Within this section you will find the information required to understand our rules and general approach to the running of the community. Please browse and read the contents on a regular basis.


Old Gits Having Fun News

This is where all general news about the OGHF and it's servers/activities will be posted and debated. Please keep to topic in each post as it will make it easier to resolve the queries etc.


Gossip and Jokes

Post here any Jokes or gossip you may wish to spread within the community. Any Jokes or gossip that is deemed to be offensive will be removed!! 


Ye Olde Workshoppe

Post here if you are having technical difficulties with hardware or software. Hopefully somebody with have a plan to help you resolve your issue..