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  4. Thursday, 10 January 2019
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P.E.F. Last Directive Signals and Camos that give you extra Credits in Battle. ( Normaly 20%, a few 30%)

(As I do not have accsess to my Account I can not tell you what is available from the Arsenal for Coal.)


Zulu (this signal can be bought from premium shop in bundle form)




Type 20. Perminant.

Gamescon = 50 Doubloons.

Revolutionary = 60 Doubloons.

Ocean Soul, FTW, Full Moon, Hunter, Blue Lagoon, For Meritorous, Adler, Cleveland Freedom, all are Not For Sale.

KII & Roma Kobyashi Camo from Premium shop.

Special Camo.

Adler, Fly Fire, Galaxy, Auroru, Norma, All-destroyer, Paris Hall Carrier, all repeatable in game for 8000 Doubloons.

Info from = http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage

Hope this helps :)


ZULU signals in your Arsenal, cost = 6400 coal, less your 25% coupon.

Ocean Soul & Revolutionary Camo's also in Arsenal, cost = 16000 Coal, less your 25% coupon.
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